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tv   [untitled]    January 9, 2015 11:30am-12:01pm PST

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in and more impactful than that. the youth commission has been helpful in the community and youth in the community would be very active here as well and one of the misconceptions about this movement it's an anti-police movement. some in the police community has painted -- you know, this is more true in new york city and even in some areas here but this is a better police department movement, a better services movement, better transparency movement, a better relations and government movement, hiring movement, accountability movement. we are a community of youth and taxpayers too and we call on this body to act within its authority to have a police department that is prudent and critical in interactions with youth and particularly black and brown youth and it shouldn't be a legitimate fear that we get shot and hurt. we demand the
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same thing that is afforded to those that are not black and brown like ourselves. [applause] >> hello. my name is rita lark. i live down in north beach place. i'm a resident there and i would like to ask a question. okay. i seen two people they're running around and get arrested and charged and it seems like every time you come down and pick them up they get right back out. the address is 567 bay street apartment 1511. 21 victims had home invasions, rapes, molested and robbed and home taken over and it didn't make sense to me, and i also want to know down in mcdonald's at the wharf there are them hanging out there too
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and they come in different shades, hispanics and african-americans are hanging around that mcdonald's and it's so bad my daughter doesn't want to go there and she can point them out and show them to me and it's side that fisherman's wharf is having this and you have the individuals in the area or trying to follow you home or sock you and rob you. i had an information on safe way on the 31st where twoed have the s individuals were in the mall watching people and he walked up on my daughter and take the money from her and i followed him and he disappeared. like i said they have security there but they need to tighten it up and look at the whole mall. i look at who is shopping in the mall. every point from the mall
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to the parking lot -- all of that needs to be patrolled. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is -- yeah, i want to use the overhead. i am paula brown. i haven't been here and i have been in school. i finished with my finals. i would like to use the overhead. again i am here concerning my son abbrew casa who was murdered 2006 to a semi auto gun, 30 rounds of bullets went into my son and to this day i have no closure, no justice and as you know i always come here every wednesday, and i am back again, and i just want to bring awareness that people know who killed my son. here are the names of all the men, the young men that was there who murdered
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my son. thomas hannibal, thomas moveet, jaim [inaudible] hunter, maurice quarter. they're running the streets except for one of them. i don't think they should get away with what they did to my child. i am still suffering. i will still going through it and i am tired. i need justice. i need some kind of closure. i don't think they should get away with what they have done. they can't say i was young. i was high. you still have to be accountable for what you have done. we talk about unsolved murders. my son's case is unsolved and all these men on here cased unsolved. all lives matter. all lives matter. i
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say that. i have this picture of my son that's laying on the gurney dead shot full of bullets. this is the only memory i have. i worry about my children i have left. i tell them you don't want your mother standing over you. you don't want your mother standings over you. for me to be eight years out of my son's death and i am still going through it. it's sad. just see what i have to remember. i wouldn't wish this on the perpetrator's mother to go through what i am going through. please help me get closure. >> chief, you have the award poster and there is an award for anyone that aids in the investigation. >> do we have a number for anyone that aids in the case? >> yes. as ms. brown said one
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of the suspects is deceased and the other five are out there and 575-4444. area code 415 and anyone watching who has information we would appreciate it as we need help solving the case. >> and the case number is 060-86-2038. please use that if anybody have any information i want to thank the project dream for the toys for the healing circle. thank you for them. thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. [applause] next speaker. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is emanuel and i have a complaint
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with -- actually i have a complaint about the office of citizens complaints, two valid complaints. one was the complaint i had filed about how to request documents from the san francisco police department. the officer that signed the release form on both situations signed the release of one form on the eighth of january 2013 and signed the release of the same request with other dates and numbers a week later. now considering the fact that the officer and i at the time were in mediation for a different complaint at the occ i would have presumed that the officer was aware of the name and would have paid more attention and would have come up why these documents were altered. also i
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have complained 2-8 14 with the office of citizens complaints. that was addressed against -- [inaudible] i'm sorry just her name she had signed the form, and that's why it was directed towards the chief. nothing personal against her but the office of citizen complaints claims they haven't been able to investigate that even though the sunshine ordinance task force has found the chief in violation. the office of citizen complaints maintains they can't find the records from the sunshine ordinance task force. the investigator assigned to the case has called me and left messages about the different case all together. my complaints to the officer of citizens complaints has gone unzeroed. a request for a hearing after the first -- i'm sorry. i guess i am out of time. >> so they're are
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representatives from the occ that can potentially answer your questions in detail but the time is up for general public comment. thank you sir. >> hello everybody. i am here as a resident of potrero hill. i took off of work to be here so you guys almost made a grave blunder by about to take our officers. we have thompson, cater, delusa and august. those are the officers for potrero hill and taken us time to build a relationship with them and you're taking the sunnydale officers and move them and put officers into the public housing that different dealt with it. i make a suggestion you get out of the desks and put on the tennis shoes and go into the communities you're making the decisions for. i am glad it's
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rectified and it's not going to happen but i don't want it to happen later on. like i said you're the babysitters. the police are the babysitters. and you don't just let anybody baby sit the kids. you interview them and train them. the officers need to be trained. we worked with them to get better quality of police officers in the community but when you have a couple of people saying they're not doing all right but when you have communities and everybody saying the same thing where you have officers -- excuse for language for lack of a better word, acting like ass, and you need to take accountability and really look at that and also as far as getting out into the community and getting to know the young people i feel good to see the young people walking in the door. i just put on facebook for people to start coming to
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the meeting. you might get mad at me but you need to get to know the young people and even though they do bad things they're not bad. trust me. i used to do bad stuff but i'm not bad and everyone can change the stripes but you need to get out into the community and ask what is not working and the last thing is and i'm not going to say names but out of respect when people come to the meetings and speaking from their hearts nobody should be reading emails or going else. you should be paying attention to what everybody is saying because everybody's voice matters. >> can i make one correction though. you like it right? >> yes, i do. that's why i emailed. >> i want to make sure everyone knew that. >> i wanted to point out something there is an aspect and you expressed concerns about the redistricting pieces in the draft phase and i think your
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voice was heard loud and clear from this body and also the police department and i appreciate the way you approach today and shared those concerns. we're endeavoring to have the process for 90 days and i am sure there are other blenders we made. i guarantee you and i appreciate the partnership. >> >> and we will try to make it right on the best day. >> what hurt the people in public housing they knew about it for months and nobody in public housing knew about it until -- i am not going to throw them under the bus. i can't tell you how we found out. but there was someone that said this is going on. and we knew what was going on. we had residents to come down and it's the lesser of two evils. you keep the ones you have instead of the ones that have no clue to who they're doing and we're thinking of all the young people. if the new
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officers come in and never dealt with public housing and don't know anything that's going to undermine everything and the young people are already at risk. our young men are really at risk and not just african-american men. it's young people period that are at risk so you really need to look at and get from behind the desk. come to potrero hill. i will walk you through potrero hill so you can see the obstacles they have to go through just to chase somebody seriously because it's not a joke. you need to come out and get to meet the community. >> i will make a date. you're going to remember that, you and me in potrero hill. >> young lady that is powerful. get on the block. know what is going on. know the streets like i know. know what is going o first i have been on the phone this afternoon with new york and you talk about
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drama. there's some drama there. thank god we have commissioner bratton. he's in charge and the best cop that wore a uniform. when you don the uniform you have a lot of responsibility and second of all commissioner sir your staff sucks but that's another subject. but san francisco police -- i was on the east coast for two weeks. i was in boston and new york. i don't feel the tension here. i don't feel it. i walk around and don't feel the inter-tension between the police and the citizens. in boston -- i swear to god. i was in roxbury. i felt it and sense it. the brothers -- all right. look out. there's a cop around. i honestly don't
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feel it here. i could walk around the tenderloin and the castro and a credit to you and the police commission and the chief. that's great. there is no tension here. i feel bad for commissioner bratton. he's dealing with that but he can handle it. he's the best in the business. he built with the l.a. case with rodney king. he came in after that happened and he said "i got a mess and i have to deal with it" and commissioner marshal your program and the poa -- hey i heard him the other day. he was on the radio. now we got a winner. the poa guy, the president -- hey -- >> thanks clyde. reverend brown. >> madam chair, members of
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the commission chief suhr, if there were an earthquake is there a second of size and proportion of seven or an eight. this citizenry and the leadership would do the sensible thing. deal with the emergency. the african-american community, the brown community, and under served communities find it very interesting that with all the tension that is going on in this nation around relationships with police departments. unfortunately in san francisco
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we have not responded with a sense of urgency. for instance, one year ago naacp, the african-american faith communities spoke with the leadership of this department regarding three simple things that now president obama and mr. eric holder have said represent the best practices that would possibly improve relationships. number one training with those that are cad ats and all officers and the nuances and the distinctives of the communities they serve. number two, make sure that all
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police departments reflect the demographics of the community and equal opportunity is provided for all. it's just saddened all of us that the most recent graduation ceremony -- i saw it on television. the evidence was there. no hearsay. out of 50 plus who were sworn in only two were african-americans, and in this department you're now on the decline in terms of the number of african-americans, and we can give you the evidence and the facts. when you have an integrated inclusive force hopefully you can have -- now, wait a minute you had dialogue with that young lady and at least respect the naacp president and not cut me off. you gave her more minutes and
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don't cut me off. >> how did you let me ask a question so i can give you more time. student: yes. >> can you give the third point because i heard everything you have to say. >> >> the third point is quality community based policing and we're not talking about as the young man said it's all right. many of us been to africa and paid our own way including myself. i have been there 22 times since 1964. it's all right. nice trip. it's nice to go fishing. nice. get some exercise and some leisure time. nothing wrong with that but when it comes to the matter of having community based policing in which the police personnel knows the community and the community knows them this department has been resistant to that, and we
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can't understand. it's mind boggling. it's confusing. a simple request. you have officers who serve in communities who don't even know where the basic african-american institutions are. if you don't believe it go to some of the desks. let some of the pastors show up to register their concern. these are facts. now we would like to think that things are improving. the arrest rates going down, all that good stuff, but i did take social statistics thank god in college. if your universe is miniscule or diminished you're going to get different outcomes so [inaudible] maybe murders are down. why are they down in the african-american community? because black folks have been
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jairchged yanked out of this town based on public policy [inaudible] let me make my point. >> thank you. >> you yanked us out of here so there is no need for us to play the numbers game. still the quality of life for african-americans in this town sucks. i just left -- >> thank you. thank you. >> excuse me reverend brown. >> let me finish what i am saying. >> this is general public comment so everybody has a right to speak. we have other people waiting and you went past the dialogue. >> [inaudible] >> you can't do that. no. >> [inaudible] >> you can't do that. >> [inaudible] >> no, you can't. >> my two minutes start now. my pastor has something else to conclude. thank you. >> no. you can't do that. >> unfortunately the rules are this way. >> i will ask you since you're the commissioner with the schedule to schedule a meeting
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that black folks are given adequate time to speak their minds. you cannot say this in no two, three minutes of what is happening within the city. >> i understand that and i will talk to the commissioners. >> will you do that. we're earnest and very serious and [inaudible] continue the shuck and jibe about san francisco being a liberal city. we're just as bad as the rest of the nation but we're treated like second class citizens. >> i understand. >> thank you. >> good evening. hi. my name is felicia jones and i am the chairperson of seiu 1021, wealth and disparities in the black community, and listening to reverend brown my question is to the commission and chief suhr why hasn't anyone in this city
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who is in leadership has shown leadership to develop or implement a community forum to talk about what is going on? and i know most of you think in san francisco that i have been reading that san francisco is not ferguson terry meeuwsen but san francisco is ferguson and we must address the issues. >> >> not only in ferguson but in the city of san francisco. no one has taken leadership to come into the communities, especially the black community except one elected official and that name is jeff hi darby so i think it's horrible, deplorable that no one in leadership in this city has taken the initiative to come work with us who are in the community who are willing to work with you to have a community forum to talk about these issues and to develop
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relationships, so i stand here before you as the chairperson of seiu 1021 wealth and dir paritys in the -- disparities in the black community if you're interested and dedicated to all lives in san francisco then we're willing to work with you and develop and implement a community forum around some of the issues as soon as possible. thank you. >> thank you so much. next speaker. >> good evening. i am charlie taylor and i am a parishioner with the pastor and i went to the youth guided san francisco to give a motivational word and among 40 to 45 youth there i counted two caucasian
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students. this is a disparity and this is a trossity that people that look like me, different shades are incarcerated in the juvenile system. i had asked one of the attorneys what happens when they leave here? she said they either go into a group home or something else. i said do they go back to foster care? she responded "no" . how long do they stay here in this facility? her response was "indefinitely." indefinitely is not an answer. it is not an answer. there needs to be some type of program for these youth. once they get out of there to not become repeat offenders. i told them when they're in the third grade the system counts how many of them are african-american and that's how many prisons they
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build. the name is in their cell and that's ridiculous. it's cheaper to build a university then it is to build a prison. we need to do something about this. you have other nationalities coming to the united states and they become wealthy within a matter of two, three years. they get bank loans. they get a high fica score and we can't own the block, we can't own our own business. there are african-americans leaving san francisco because it is too high so we need to have a program for our youth. once they leave ygc they need to be able to excel and not be a repeat offender. i am sherry taylor and my pastor is reverend brown san francisco. >> thank you. any further public comment? chief suhr, are
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you coming up? >> [inaudible] >> okay. >> good evening commissioners. chief suhr and joyce. welcome back. this is 2015. i expect very good and positive things of this commission and of this police department. i have been in san francisco since 1998, and no where, and i lived all over the bay area, have i found access to be able to raise questions about police activity to have people listen to respond and implement programs to incorporate and include everyone, and i expect that's going to continue and i am looking forward to the commission coming up to the tenderloin on january 28. i'm like straddling two areas now because i have been moved to the sixth and howard. i am so
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thrilled but i will be there on the 28th if i am still alive. thank you. >> thank you so much. welcome juicy. happy new year. >> i am edmond juicy and i live in the tenderloin too and the first guy talked about moscone and harvey milk but before that san francisco natives have been taken here to [inaudible] and people were killed and we don't talk about that. i come in the spirit of others and black and gay. i tell people that black lives matter. i can't feel that because i live in the tenderloin and as you know the bart paper had a concept of what it's like to be black and guy in san francisco and not accept the lgbt people and you don't know where you're at and we're silent
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and not until michael brown came and talked about this in mission school that i could say i could breathe and some officers -- you heard the lady from 1021 we are ferguson. we are below ferguson and i am glad people coming in and march in this city to give me a chance to breathe. i will show you just what i found out 10 years ago. where i live at -- i found out when i wear the black afro wig i get targeted from the police so i put the rainbow on it and when i do that they don't mesh with me. i found this out 10 years ago but last sunday i had a black person -- i wanted a black traditional christmas and listening to kmla what makes you good on street soldiers so i went down and two
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police -- in new york. i came back and we have no cameras in my apartments. somebody set 25% of the apartment on fire. we need to have the black police association they say that willie brown started because when police officers come inside the tenderloin they don't react to us like they should. >> thank you. >> and if we could get the cameras like the hamilton hotel used to have. thank you. >> thank you. >> i am only back here to give a clarifying -- i cleared with the officer here and that is the fact that we use the older statistics. we were leading up -- we try to get as much data as possible so you don't think we're unprepared but we're using the older statistics to lead up to the fact that as of currently the public


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